Experience guiding and being guided in the Psychedelic state.

Are you a psychiatrist, medical doctor, psychologist or therapist and seek a real psychedelic experience as a basis for your work? Join our community of therapists!

We offer medical doctors, psychological professionals and psychedelic therapists an experience training. You learn by experiencing what it is like to surrender and be guided, then to guide others. Psychedelic Psychology facilitates old world plant medicine experiences to new world scientists and healers. We accept those [already] trained in integration therapy and the theory of guiding.

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September 19 to September 23, The Netherlands, all inclusive retreat for therapists

Embark on a journey to gain first-hand experience with psychedelic magic psilocybin truffles. The time has come. Join your peers and enjoy acustom retreat in nature. Join the tribe of healers in nature and work with sacred medicines to do the magic.

Join our community & experience the magic!
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Have the experience, do the work Navigate higher states of consciousness and empower yourself to safely lead others through psychedelic assisted therapy.

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How You Can Get Involved

To safely facilitate a psychedelic assisted experience, it is paramount to have first hand experience of the journey, the effects, the insights, the ego, the spirit of the molecule and all that is required to grow, and self develop. That is why shamans and/or healers always have extensive experience with plant medicines themselves. It is not possible to safely facilitate emotional healing without having navigated those altered states of consicousness during your own personal journeys.

The psychedelic experience can be a transformative life event, a door to mystical realms, or a way to step out of negative thought patterns. By looking at data such as that from Johns Hopkins psilocybin studies, it is clear that these experiences are overwhelmingly positive: 6 months after a high-dose session, 67% of participants rated it in their top 5 most significant life experiences, and 82% reported increased well-being or life satisfaction (psilocybin study, not truffles).

Every participant will have the opportunity to be guided by another therapist who is supervised. Additionally, you will learn to facilitate the experience by guiding another participant too, supervised. So a lot of experiences, feedback, integration, lessons, insights and more to occupy your stay in nature.

Upon completion of the experience training, we offer a physical certificate and digital PDF version for your records and CV. Consult with your institute to see if you are eligible to be reimbursed for this training. To apply, click here to book a consultation call and discuss the program details further.

What’s Included?

  • Your own guided experiences with magic psilocybin truffles (donated by Fresh Mushrooms)
  • Opportunities to facilitate other participants (guide & be guided)
  • Certificate recognizing completion of the experience
  • All (vegan) meals coordinated by a chef and prepared on location
  • Beverages and snacks
  • Psilocybin truffles
  • Professional, experienced facilitators on standby
  • Program host and supporting staff
  • Expert supervision by experienced psychedelic psychologists
  • Post session integration circles and community activities

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If your institution is providing psychedelic assisted therapy training programs, we hope you’ll consider finding a legal, safe and professional partner for the practical experience for your participants.

We hope to come into contact with you. We receive clients from all over the world, flying in for psychedelic experiences in our safe, legal and professional center.

Come with Your Clients

During the experience training, we will provide all of what we at Psychedelic Insights do to make clients feel safe and well. We provide coaching and preparations for the psychedelic experience.

You will be joining a connected tribe of healers, a group of change-makers, a network of the future, strong enough to have a positive impact and change the lives of people around the world. Please feel welcome to join us in changing the world.

Start the Process

You can make a difference today by contacting us and sharing your hopes. Our days may be numbered but our potential to help others is limitless.


What People Say

“I have been through an unforgettable experience. The trip was a very profound, almost religious journey which gave me the handles to use into the real world. I’m able to give love, instead of just “taking”. Whatever the future has in store for me, I know I can change now and that is definitive. Ten years of psychotherapy could not have made this happen.

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Wonderful job with those that need us and people from various places all over the world. Not only was the experience profound and totally life-changing (for the better!!) the team is some of the most kind and insightful people I have met in my entire life. After the trip, we discussed with them what we’d experienced and they helped us fully realize the significance of our trips through constructive and insightful questions and anecdotes. I really cannot begin to express how meaningful the entire experience was.

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About us

Our Background

Our team consists of experienced professionals, therapists, psychologists, neurologists, expert psychedelic healers and spiritual care professionals. We believe in a world where everyone can find relief from suffering and reach their potential. Our mission is to invest in early plant medicine education in order to empower this generation, its consciousness and this moment in our history.

We do that by providing our experienced based custom psychedelic psychology program for psychedelic assisted therapy practitioners. This training is meant to complete relevant theoretical teachings in the field of psychedelic assisted therapy and other related areas.

We are part of Psychedelic Insights, a center for psychedelic experiences in Amsterdam where we provide transformational psychedelic experiences in a safe and serene setting, psychologically guided by compassionate professional facilitators. We adhere to the ethic of MAPS

Psychedelic Psychology is proudly supported by Reconscious Medical. The Reconscious Medical Group leverages decades of clinical experience providing therapeutic, medical and psychiatric consulting services that use plant-based therapies as a tool in the treatment of addictions and psychiatric disorders for children and adults.

With many years of full time professional psychedelic assisted therapy experience, we feel the need to provide the experience to this demographic. Luc is the creator and host for the program. His background consists of years of therapeutic experience and running private mental health services, based upon more meditation, less medication.
He is a speaker on emotional well-being and has given 40+ workshops in youth prisons, inspiring felons to turn their lives around by believing in themselves. He worked for years as a freelance psychedelic trip guide and later founded Psychedelic Insights to professionalize this service.

Professional facilitation staff lead the sessions; they’ve guided hundreds of people coming for self development, relief of suffering, mystical experiences and most being new to the experience. Our guide-facilitators have all undergone many psychedelic experiences for their personal development and are there to share insights, love for the experience and the medicines.

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Psychedelic Insights was founded to facilitate the expansion of consciousness and restore inner peace through natural medicines. We are motivated by the scientific results, our own values and the positive change we see in people.  This initiative, Psychedelic Psychology, is to cater to aspiring professionals in psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy to empower and enable them to heal others.

We operate with both experienced spiritual facilitators and psychologists with plant medicine experience. We bridge the two worlds to provide the best possible outcomes, a safe journey and skilled staff with extensive experience.

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